Seminars for Women

Announcing: This Semester's Seminars for Women

COURSE 101: Are you ready to leave? -- Definition of the word "Yes"
COURSE 102: Appropriate Rhetorical Questions (Formerly "Honey, do I look fat?")
COURSE 103: Elementary Map Reading
COURSE 104: Crying and Law Enforcement
COURSE 105: Advanced Electronics Seminar -- Programming your VCR

COURSE 201: Shopping for Less Than 4 Hours
COURSE 202: Gaining Five Pounds vs. The End of the World: A Study in Contrast
COURSE 203: The Seven-Outfit Week
COURSE 204: PMS -- It's YOUR Problem, Not His (was: It's Happened Monthly Since Puberty -- Deal With It)

Driving 101: Getting Past Automatic Transmission
Driving 102: The Meaning of Blinking Red Lights
Driving 103: Approximating a Constant Speed
Driving 104: Makeup and Driving--It's As Simple As Oil and Water

COURSE 301: The Super Bowl: Not a Game--A Sacrament
COURSE 302: Telephone Translations (was: "Me too" equals "I Love You")
COURSE 303: How to Earn Your Own Money
COURSE 304: Giftgiving Fundamentals (was: Fabric Bad, Electronics Good)
COURSE 305: Putting the Seat Down By Yourself: Potential Energy is on Your Side

COURSE 401: Know When to Say When: The Limits of Makeup
COURSE 402: Beyond "Clean and Dirty": The Nuances of Wearable Laundry
COURSE 403: Men Forget Birthdays, You Forget Sports Stats: LET'S LET IT DROP
COURSE 404: MYOB: Proper Response to Other Couples' Public Arguments
COURSE 405: Yes, You Can Buy Condoms (was: Men Learned to Deal with the Embarrassment)

COURSE 501: Joys of the Remote Control: Reaping the Benefits of 50+ Channels
COURSE 502: What Goes Around Comes Around--Why His Credit Card is Not a Toy
COURSE 503: The Penis: His Best Friend Can Be Yours
COURSE 504: His Poker Games: Deal Yourself Out
COURSE 505: Commitment Schmittment (was: Wedlock Schmedlock)

Bi-Term Courses:

COURSE 001: "To Honor and Obey:" Remembering the small print above "I Do"
COURSE 002: Why Your Mother Is Unwelcome In The House
COURSE 003: Your Mate: Selfish Bastard, or Victimized Sensitive Man-child Healing his Father Wound by Expressing the Latent Wild Man Within?